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You care about the long-term impact that our food system has on this planet. You wish you could grow organic food or support farmers and other food providers who share your values. You want to get connected to the

people and resources that will help you make the best choices about your food.


You're in the right place if...

* you're looking for someone who grows or sells local, organic food

* you're confused about food labeling and certification processes

* you can't find the resources or information about organics that you're looking for.


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dedicated team of organic growers and eaters who are passionate about tracing food back to its source. We started this Manitoba chapter of Canadian Organic Growers because we are concerned that our current export- and industry-based food system is not sustainable. We believe that the best scenario is for you to know your farmer, and when that's not possible, we want you to trust the Canada Organic label.


We offer...

* a free listing of all the organic growers in Manitoba that we know about

* information about the Canadian organic standards

Beyond a Movement

The organic movement is just that: a movement. However the advancement of a movement requires structure. In Manitoba there are two organizations committed to the promotion of

organics. Check us out.



Learn about Canadian organic standardsfind organic food, or get in touch with us!

Exploring the Transition to Organic Farming at Ag Days

We have the Power Point presetations.


A fresh start for Saskatchewan organic industry association

Saskatoon, January 19 2015- Members of the Saskatchewan Organic Directorate (SOD) met in Saskatoonon Mondayto consider the organization’s future direction.


Advancing the small scale, local food sector in Manitoba: a path forward

This is a new report produced by the Manitoba Government.


Bronx Park Farmers Market

A new Farmers market is opening at the Bronx Park Community Centre in Winnipeg. Venders are invited to apply now.


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