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The Organic Food Council of Manitoba and the Manitoba Organic Alliance work to grow the organic sector, gathering the vision and the resources to increase awareness, production and availability of organic food in Manitoba and beyond.

OFCM focuses on education about organics, connecting eaters with farmers, building public knowledge and encouraging a transition to organics. Learn all about OFCM here.

MOA is a collaboration of organic stakeholders - from researchers to farmers, processors to consumers, and all those in between. Members support project to grow organics, discuss issues and vote on actions to be taken to provincial and federal regulators. Learn all about MOA here.

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Ag Days 2016



The presentations were excellent and the workshop was well attended. We taped all the presentations and they are now posted on our YouTube channel. Check it out here

SaskOrganIf you missed the Manitoba activity, this Saskatchewan activity may interest you.


Transition Workshops

Feb 24 - Shaunavon

Feb 29 - Tisdale

Mar 2  - Kindersley

Mar 9 - Moosomin

Perenniel Weed Control

Mar 10 - Regina

Mar 11 - Saskatoon



The Prairie Organic Grain Initiative is a new venture spearheaded by Organic Alberta, however it includes all three prairie provinces. The federal government has agreed to contribute $1.2 million under the Western Diversification Program (WDP) to a $2.2 million, 4 year program targeted at achieving growth, resiliency and stability in the prairie organic sector. The initiative will focus on increasing both the quantity and quality of organic field crops while building stronger market relationships. More about POGI here.

The first update from POGI is now available here.


Terry Tyson

The featured speaker at our Organic Showcase Dinner in September was Terry Tyston of Grain Millers in Yorkton. We recorded his talk and finally have it up for you to see and hear.

We intend to do more recording of talks relevant to Manitoba producers and consumers, so if you are aware if events we should be recording, let us know here.

EnviroScan Available For Free Download

POGI has now prepared a central place to reference research and extension resources that are available to guide organic producers. Read more here.


Think Whole Farm

A conference to share in-depth production knowledge between organic producers

Prairie Organics will provide advanced training to organic grain, vegetable and livestock , engage producers in thinking holistically about their farm system and help producers and buyers make one on one business connections.

Where: University of Manitoba

When: February 18 & 19, 2016

Click here to visit the conference website.

Register now.


We will hold our Annual General Meeting at the Think Whole Farm Conference, Thursday Feb 18, 12:15 - 1:00 PM. Come hear what we have done and consider how you might contribute to the movement. More information will be posted here soon.

weed control frick

The University of Saskatchewan is offering “Weed Control in Organic Agriculture," an online class in January, 2016.

Designed for undergraduate students this class is also offered as a non-credit option to farmers. The mix of both producers and students creates an interesting dynamic.

For more information visit: https://ccde.usask.ca/weedcontrol

Training for Agronomists

An opportunity for agronomists interested in providing agronomic advice to organic and ecological farmers.  Areas that will be covered include soil health, rotation planning, nutrient management, and weed control.

Begins in Spring 2016 with in-person training, followed by online support through the growing season. Training will occur in Alberta, Saskatchewan and possibly Manitoba. More details to follow. More info here and from iris.vaisman@organicalberta.org.

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Organic Bytes is a monthly Newsletter assembled by Laura Telford, Business Development Specialist in Organic Marketing within Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development. It includes

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  • organic market opportunities
  • organic news

Organic Bytes

This is your link to the latest news particularly relevant to Manitoba and prairie residents involved in the organic movement. We have it here:


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Sun Feb 14 @12:00AM
Western Canadian Holistic Management Conference
Mon Feb 15 @12:00AM
Western Canadian Holistic Management Conference
Tue Feb 16 @12:00AM
Western Canadian Holistic Management Conference
Thu Feb 18 @12:00AM
Prairie organics: Think whole farm
Thu Feb 18 @12:15PM - 01:00PM
Fri Feb 19 @12:00AM
Prairie organics: Think whole farm
Fri Mar 11 @12:00AM
Direct Farm Marketing Conference
Fri Mar 11 @ 8:00AM - 12:00AM
Direct Farm Marketing Conference
Sat Mar 12 @12:00AM
Direct Farm Marketing Conference
Sat Mar 12 @ 8:00AM - 12:00AM
Direct Farm Marketing Conference

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