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We are a chapter of Canadian Organic Growers. The COG was founded in 1975 by Peter McQueen as The Organic Gardeners and Farmers Association. Three years later, the name of the organization was changed to Canadian Organic Growers, and the number of people it represents nationally has grown from 54 to over 1600 members.

The Organic Food Council of Manitoba was formed in 2000, and is the only chapter of Canadian Organic Growers based in the prairies. For this reason, we offer a unique voice and mission, carrying out activities relevant to our local context. We are a registered charity with a diverse membership made up of producers, consumers, distributors, retailers, gardeners, artists, and entrepreneurs, among others.


Our Mission

OFCM promotes local, organic food through education and community building.

The mission of Canadian Organic Growers is to lead local and national communities towards sustainable organic stewardship of land, food and fibre while respecting nature, upholding social justice and protecting natural resources.


Our Vision

Strong relationships between growers, processors and eaters result in food that is grown, processed and distributed organically, sustainably and locally.


Our Aims & Objectives

OFCM exists to:

  • Educate
  • Promote Change
  • Build Community
  • Support Farmers

OFCM strives toward making people more aware of the potential health and environmental benefits of organic and other sustainably grown foods, and to support people who are trying to grow, process, store, and distribute these foods.

 Learn about Canadian Organic Growers' activities.


Our Steering Committee



Janine Gibson, Chair

Janine Gibson is one of the founding members of the Organic Food Council of Manitoba. She has also served as President of Canadian Organic Growers.

Gibson has been an organic inspector since 1993, and has been a social and environmental activist for 30 years. For over 20 years, she has lived at Northern Sun Farm Coop near Pansy Manitoba, a community that supplies its own energy through wind and solar power.

Janine has served on the Organic Standards Committee of the Canadian General Standards Board since 1999. She currently chairs the Livestock Working Group which oversees the contents of Tables 5.2 and 5.3 on the Organic Production Systems --- Permitted Substances Lists She also serves on the Standards Interpretation Committee, of the Canada Organic Office which interprets questions from certifiers, to ensure consistent interpretations.

A W Andres
    Adolf Andres, Treasurer
Wanda Andres, Volunteer Coordinator

Adolf and Wanda Andres have been members of the Organic Food Council of Manitoba since its inception. Adolf was one of the founding members, and has been Treasurer for the last ten years.

The Andres's bring to the Organic Food Council of Manitoba a passion for local food self sufficiency, and for promoting healthy eating. They live near Lockport Manitoba, where Adolf grows most of the organic vegetables that he and his wife Wanda can, freeze, and consume.
2015 01 eric rempel

Eric Rempel, webmaster

Eric is a retired agronomist who has recently joined the OFCM team.

Eric is convinced that conventional commercial food production are not sustainable, and that there is a need to preserve, increase and popularize the body of knowledge relevant to food producers who do not want to conform to the dominant industrial farming model.


Contact Us

Let us know how we can serve you better! Visit our contact page to get in touch with us electronically, by phone, or by mail.


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Thank you Marnie and team for your continuing support of organics in MB. Thank you for your recent gift to Dr. Marten Entz & the Natural Systems Agriculture program, celebrating 25 years of organic research in Manitoba!

 2018 Prairie Organics Think Whole Farm

Click here

"Our Nature is Organic"  Activity Book

Have you ever wondered what exactly spelt is, or what those beautiful heritage tomatoesyou see  are called? Get your creative juices flowing while you learn more about organic production topics like ancient grains, pollination, heritage  varieties, biodiversity and more in this illustrated journey through organic production in Canada.

Content-wise this colouring and activity booklet is geared for children aged 9-99, and all ages will enjoy colouring the illustrations, while mom or dad help with the recipes or read  aloud the accompanying facts about  basic organic  production. Let's all get a little closer to understanding where our healthy food comes from while having fun! 

Download your copy of the activity book here.

Other new organic extension materials available

1. Green Manure Took Kit This free downloadable kit produced by the Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada with funding from the Prairie Organic Grain Initiative has five modules that will help you understand green manures and how to choose the right green manure for your farm conditions. Click here to begin your green manure journey.

2. 2017 Manitoba Cost of Production for Organic Field Crops This important business tool will help you decide if growing organic cereals and oilseeds makes economic sense. Download the Excel spreadsheet and customize the numbers for your farm.

Check out the COG Lending Library! 

The COG lending library contains over 1500 titles on organic agriculture and related topics, in books, video and audio tapes, DVDs, articles and periodicals.  The resources of the lending library of Canadian Organic Growers are available to the Canadian public.  Items may be borrowed by mail free of charge.

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