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The MOA Board of Directors is made up of a cross-section of producers, processors and other members of the organic value chain in Manitoba. Directors are elected at the Annual General Meeting. The current board was selected in April 2015.

Executive Committee

President:Kate Storey
Vice-President: John Finnie
Secretary:Janine Gibson
Treasurer:Herman Grauer

Directors by Sector

Sector: Grains and Oilseeds

Larry Black
Black Family Farm, Deloraine
Dairy and grain producer
Serving on MOA Board since 2011

Sector: Forage

Pat Pollock
Brandon, MB
Serving on MOA Board since 2015

Sector: Livestock

Kate Storey
Poplar Glen Organic Farm, Grandview
Grain, forages, beef, eggs
Serving on MOA Board since 2010

Sector: Dairy

Sector: Horticulture

Chuck Leibert
Emma's Garden
Bird River, MB
Serving on MOA Board since 2015

Sector: Retailer

David Stead
Stead's Farm Supply, Boissevain
Serving on MOA Board since 2011

Sector: Processor & Poultry

Hermann Grauer
Nature's Pasta
Serving in MOA Board in 2009 and again since 2012

Sector: Organic Certifiers

John Finnie
Board Member: Organic Producers Association of Manitoba (OPAM)
Serving on MOA Board since 2010

Sector: Organic Inspectors

Janine Gibson
Organic inspector
Serving on MOA Board since 2012

Sector: Poultry

Sector: Organic Research

Joanne Thiessen Martens
University of Manitoba Natural Systems Agriculture
Agricultural research and crop development
Serving on MOA Board since 2009

Sector: Trade/Export

Ken Sabatier
Growers International Organic Sales Inc.
Serving on the Board since 2013

Sector: Member-at-Large

Eric Rempel
Serving on MOA Board since 2012


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Thank you Marnie and team for your continuing support of organics in MB. Thank you for your recent gift to Dr. Marten Entz & the Natural Systems Agriculture program, celebrating 25 years of organic research in Manitoba!

Investing in Organic Agriculture

This is a must read presentation advocating for Canadian government support for organic agriculture. Download the PDF here.

Canadian Organic Standards 2018

The Canadian Organic Standards have been updated. We have uploaded them and they can be seen here, together with a summary prepared by the Organic Federation of Canada. You should note also that there is a provision for feedback, and feedback is invited.

Manitoba Cost of Production

If you are a producer considering transitioning to organic we have a number of resources that will help you work through the economic projections.

Roy Arnott

  • Roy Arnott of Manitoba Agriculture gave this presentation at the Organic Transition Workshop at Ag Days. This is the PDF only. Sorry, we did not record this presentation, but the slides speak for themselves.


  • 2017 Manitoba Cost of Production for Organic Field Crops This important business tool will help you decide if growing organic cereals and oilseeds makes economic sense. Download the Excel spreadsheet and customize the numbers for your farm.


  • We have the presentation Roy made in 2016 Organic Transition Workshop on YouTube. Of course the numbers have changed a bit, but the underlying approach remains the same.

Other new organic extension materials available

Green Manure Took Kit This free downloadable kit produced by the Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada with funding from the Prairie Organic Grain Initiative has five modules that will help you understand green manures and how to choose the right green manure for your farm conditions. Click here to begin your green manure journey.

farm tours 2018

A large number of tours have been planned for this summer. You won't want to miss any, but can probably only make a few. They are listed here.

June Events

Forage-Based Diets Produce Nutritionally Enhanced Milk

Holstein GrazingResearchers from a number of universities have found that cows fed a 100% organic grass and legume-based diet produce milk with elevated levels of omega-3 and CLA, and thus provides a markedly healthier balance of fatty acids.  The improved fatty acid profile in grass-fed organic milk and dairy products brings the omega-6/omega-3 ratio to a near 1 to 1, compared to 5.7 to 1 in conventional whole milk. Read more here.

Check out the COG Lending Library! 

The COG lending library contains over 1500 titles on organic agriculture and related topics, in books, video and audio tapes, DVDs, articles and periodicals.  The resources of the lending library of Canadian Organic Growers are available to the Canadian public.  Items may be borrowed by mail free of charge.

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