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Manitoba Farm Mentorship is guided by a Steering Committee (SC) of successful farmers, mentors and interns who share the collective vision of a just, productive and stable agricultural system, in which everyone is supplied with affordable, exciting and nutritious food.  There is a great diversity of farming techniques, operation types, and knowledge represented on the steering committee.  It is a dynamic body that adds a different dimension to Manitoba's farming landscape.

Currently our SC is comprised of the following individuals:


Leadership Team


Marcus Rempel  

Marcus Rempel (Ploughshares Community Farm): I am a member of Ploughshares Community Farm, an agrarian Christian community on the banks of the Brokenhead River southeast of Beausejour. 


I moved here hungry for a closer, more trustworthy connection to my daily bread. I wonder who of this generation will people the land, will work it with intelligence and love. To go against the tide that is draining the land of farmers, they will need courage and skill; for this they will need teaching and support. Stewardship of the land calls for mentorship of its young.


That's what Manitoba Farm Mentorship is about, and why I'm a part of it.



Rounding out the Steering Committee:


Jody   Jody Andrews - Jody is a fourth generation prairie farmer. His expertise lies in organic vegetable production and his interests include mixed farming, community gardens and farmers' markets.

As a member of the MFM Steering Committee, Jody supports human scale farming.

Jody currently works for Manitoba Housing and cultivates a 120 square foot community garden plot.


Clint Cavers  

Clint Cavers (Harborside Farms): My family and I produce ethically sound natural meat products on our farm in Pilot Mound.  We feel that educating new farmers with environmentally conscious, sustainable and profitable farming methods is the most effective way to a secure food system. 


The Manitoba Farm Mentorship Program allows us to help new and re-strategizing farmers through the difficult periods many people face when looking at a career in agriculture. 


This is a very worthwhile and exciting program.



Janine Gibson   Janine Gibson: Janine is a mother and grandmother living on a small mixed, off grid cooperative farm south of Steinbach.


She has visited over 1000 organic farms across Canada and the States delivering organic inspection services in the areas of Crops, Livestock and Processing as an independent inspector and trainer.


She is currently teaching Organic Crop Production Techniques and Organic Livestock Production by distance education through Brandon’s Assiniboine Community College.


Janine is the Chairperson of the Organic Food Council of Manitoba (OFCM) and represents their eater (consumer), producer and processor members on the Organic Technical Committee keeping the Canadian Organic Standards current. Janine is OFCM’s member on the MFM Steering Committee.


Wian Prinsloo (Prinsloo Pastures)


David Neufeld   David Neufeld (Room to Grow Greenhouse and Guesthouse): In the mid 90s I had an opportunity to walk the trendier streets of Winnipeg asking restaurant cooks how they would respond to local farmers growing organic food for them. Every single one was excited about the possibility. For the past 20 years we've been hosting young wannabe farmers on our farm, many with desires and plans to become farmers by learning from experienced farmers. I and other food/farming activists in Manitoba realized through our work with OFCM, Harvest Moon Society and other orgs that there seemed to be a need - that of bringing the wannabes together with the experienced farmers to grow food for local needs. I've enjoyed being involved in the creation of MFM and am happy that we have great staff and inspired leadership.




Kate Storey  

Kate Storey (Poplar Glen Organic Farm): Kate and her husband raise grain and grass-fed beef in the scenic parkland near Grandview. They transitioned their farm to organic production in the 90's and they've never looked back.


Kate joined the mentorship program to help new organic farmers find information on crop rotations, animal husbandry and organic markets and to build the organic network.



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Thank you Marnie and team for your continuing support of organics in MB. Thank you for your recent gift to Dr. Marten Entz & the Natural Systems Agriculture program, celebrating 25 years of organic research in Manitoba!

Manitoba Cost of Production

If you are a producer considering transitioning to organic we have a number of resources that will help you work through the economic projections.

Roy Arnott

  • Roy Arnott of Manitoba Agriculture gave this presentation at the Organic Transition Workshop at Ag Days. This is the PDF only. Sorry, we did not record this presentation, but the slides speak for themselves.


  • 2017 Manitoba Cost of Production for Organic Field Crops This important business tool will help you decide if growing organic cereals and oilseeds makes economic sense. Download the Excel spreadsheet and customize the numbers for your farm.


  • We have the presentation Roy made in 2016 Organic Transition Workshop on YouTube. Of course the numbers have changed a bit, but the underlying approach remains the same.

"Our Nature is Organic"  Activity Book

Have you ever wondered what exactly spelt is, or what those beautiful heritage tomatoesyou see  are called? Get your creative juices flowing while you learn more about organic production topics like ancient grains, pollination, heritage  varieties, biodiversity and more in this illustrated journey through organic production in Canada.

Content-wise this colouring and activity booklet is geared for children aged 9-99, and all ages will enjoy colouring the illustrations, while mom or dad help with the recipes or read  aloud the accompanying facts about  basic organic  production. Let's all get a little closer to understanding where our healthy food comes from while having fun! 

Download your copy of the activity book here.

Other new organic extension materials available

Green Manure Took Kit This free downloadable kit produced by the Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada with funding from the Prairie Organic Grain Initiative has five modules that will help you understand green manures and how to choose the right green manure for your farm conditions. Click here to begin your green manure journey.

Levelling the Playing Field for Canadian Organic Food and Farming

20180126 Announcement regs8x4

Collective Efforts Save Canada’s Organic Standards.

Announcement Jan. 26, 2018   More here.

Forage-Based Diets Produce Nutritionally Enhanced Milk

Holstein GrazingResearchers from a number of universities have found that cows fed a 100% organic grass and legume-based diet produce milk with elevated levels of omega-3 and CLA, and thus provides a markedly healthier balance of fatty acids.  The improved fatty acid profile in grass-fed organic milk and dairy products brings the omega-6/omega-3 ratio to a near 1 to 1, compared to 5.7 to 1 in conventional whole milk. Read more here.

Check out the COG Lending Library! 

The COG lending library contains over 1500 titles on organic agriculture and related topics, in books, video and audio tapes, DVDs, articles and periodicals.  The resources of the lending library of Canadian Organic Growers are available to the Canadian public.  Items may be borrowed by mail free of charge.

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