COG´s free online reference series:  Organic seed sources, alternative medicines for dairy cattle, crop transition from conventional to ecological production, and more

COG’s Practical Skills Handbooks: Titles include Crop Planning for Organic Vegetable Growers, Growing Potatoes Organically, Living with Worms in Organic Sheep Production, Record-Keeping for Organic Farmers: how to get and stay certified, Scaling Up Organically (Feb 2011), Growing Strawberries Organically (Nov 2010).

Gaining Ground: Reference book for farmers, whether conventional, transitional or organic, who are interested in organic farming.  Gaining Ground covers a wide range of topics from soil-building and planting to certification and marketing.

Organic Field Crop Guide (2nd edition): Practical reference guide for both organic field crop farmers and conventional farmers who are considering making the transition to organic farming.

Organic Livestock Handbook: A reference guide providing the principles of organic livestock husbandry and management tools.

Organic Farming on the Prairies - Saskatchewan Organic Directorate

Introduction to Certified Organic Farming - Canadian Farm Business Management Council