Organic Value Chain Roundtable Releases new Reports to Help Producers Transition to Organic Grain, Vegetable and Beef Production

November 7, 2014

On behalf of the Organic Value Chain Roundtable, we are pleased to present three new reports that provide a strong business case for going organic.

These commodity-specific guides targeted to conventional producers and lenders provide beef, grain and vegetable producers with an overview of the market opportunities, economics, as well as government and industry support available to help guide new entrants towards a successful transition. The reports will also be useful to lenders and others with an interest in the economic viability of organic agriculture.

With phenomenal growth in the industry and shortfalls in domestic production, the reports provide timely information to producers wanting to diversify their operations and marketing options. According to a 2013 report by the Canada Organic Trade Association, Canadian sales of organic products have tripled since 2006 to reach $3 billion. Exports of Canadian organic goods to other countries topped $450 million in 2012.

The reports are availableon the Organic Federation of Canada website.

Organic Advantage. Vegetable Production

This guide paints a picture of strong demand filled largely by imported products from the US and Mexico. Less than 25% of the domestic demand for organic vegetables at retail is filled by Canadian producers. In fact, for vegetables such as organic cauliflower, beets and spinach, 100% of the domestic retail demand is met by imports. The guide shows the demand for the main organic vegetable types and retail price trends relative to conventional. More here.

Organic Advantage. Grain Production

This guide provides details of the Canadian acreage devoted to organic cereal grains and oilseed production, prices, operating expenses, margins and yields, and points producers towards resources that can help them transition from conventional to organic. More here.

Organic Advantage. Beef Production

The beef guide provides guidance and resources for producers who want to add value to their organic crops through livestock grazing. More here.


About the Organic Value Chain Round Table

The Organic Value Chain Roundtable (OVCRT) is an industry-led partnership working collaboratively with government on strategies to address regulations, increase Canadian organic capacity, support development of markets and help guide research and innovation for Canada’s organic sector. Increasing the organic share of domestic retail sales from 1.7% to 5% by 2018 is a key strategic priority for the OVCRT. This will be accomplished through increased production, improved production efficiencies and greater economies of scale.

Please contact the Value Chain Roundtable Secretariat should you have any questions about the reports or the OVCRT – (erin.bureau(at) & (613-773-1201).

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