January 2017

Standards Interpretation Committee

Reminder - Public comment

We invite all organic stakeholders to consult the proposed answers to the questions which were raised by the sector under the request for public comments launched December 8, 2016, closing January 9 2017.

The report about the last request for public comments (October-November 2016) can be consulted here.


OFC Survey 

What about non-compliance?

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Canadian operators wishing to label their products as organic have to comply with the Canadian Organic Standards (COS), referenced by the Organic Products Regulations (OPR). The operators have to be inspected every year to demonstrate that they apply the standards faithfully. The annual inspection is a very significant moment of their farming/processing activities. 

In order to help operators succeed in their certification process, the OFC wants to know how easy or difficult the process is.

  • Are there many non-compliances, and if so, is it difficult to resolve non-compliances?  
  • Are operators well informed about the Canadian Organic Standards and about the OPR requirements? 

Click here to respond to the survey.

Knowing the difficulties and challenges encountered through the certification process will help facilitating the process and provide better training.

Please note that you do not have to identify yourself when you answer to the survey.

So all information provided is strictly confidential.

Thanks for your participation!



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