August 2015

Organic prices

Below are the highest organic grain prices (spot market prices unless otherwise indicated) gathered recently by Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development. Sources include farmers and buyers who have shared recent sales prices and theUSDA National Organic Grain & Feedstuffs Report. Prices do not include transportation unless otherwise indicated. Conventional prices come fromRayglen Commodities. USDA prices are in US dollars, the rest of the prices are Canadian.

For vegetable prices, check outCyber-Help for Organic Farmerslists wholesale prices for organic fruit (fresh and frozen) and vegetables (Vancouver).

The harvest has begun here in Manitoba with some spring wheat coming in at around the same time as winter wheat. Rye is already in the bins. So far farmers are reporting average yields and quality. For most organic grains, prices are holding steady. Wheat prices are down a bit from last year at this time.

Soybeans - food$31.30 del. to e. ON; conv. $10.70/bu
Soybeans - feed$26.54 del. to e. ON
Oats - milling$6/bu (old and new crop West. Canada); conv. $2.80
Corn - feed$10.73/bu (USDA); conv. $4.40/bu
Wheat - feed$13.61/bu del. to e. ON; conv. $4.65/bu
Flax - brown$40 cleaned; conv. $12-13.75/bu
Barley - feed$10.88/bu del to e. ON; conv. $3.40/bu
Peas - feed$17.69/bu del. to e. ON; conv. $8-9/bu
Hemp seed - cleaned$1.60/lb.; conv. $0.66/lb. (West. Can)
Mustard seed - yellow$0.95/lb. fob farm fob farm (West. Can); conv. $0.40-0.44/lb.
Lentils - large green$0.76/lb. fob farm (West. Can); conv. $0.38/lb.
Lentils - red$0.73/lb. fob farm (West. Can); conv. $0.36/lb.

Organic Premium this Month(based on highest organic and conventional prices)

Peas - feed196%
Lentils - large green200%
Lentils - red203%
Oats - milling214%
Mustard - yellow216%
Flax - brown291%
Soybeans - food295%


Market opportunities

Grain Millers is seeking new croporganic yellow mustardat $0.95/lb. fob farm (Canada #1, includes Act of God if contracted before harvest), new croporganic red lentilsat $0.73/lb fob farm,organic large green lentils$0.76/lb. fob farm (Act of God if contracted before harvest) and organic barley for immediate pickup. ContactThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for the barley andThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for the other products.

RW Organic is looking for HRSW. Fall pick up, payment on ramp. Call 306-354-2660, Mossbank, SK.


MOA organic showcase evening at Jane's Restaurant

There are still a few tickets left for the Organic Week showcase dinnerSeptember 26th. ContactThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.204 546-2099. Terry Tyson of Grain Millers will be the guest speaker and the Manitoba Food Processors Association will launch a new Manitoba organic logo. Tickets are $120/each.

New Prairie Organic Grains Initiative

Clickhereto read about a new initiative to increase the amount and quality of organic grains grown on the Prairie


Organic news bytes

Bryce Lobreau at watering hole

Bryce Lobreau with his cattle

GROWING PAINS Manitoba's organic farmers in an enviable position with demand far outpacing supply

To say a conversion six years ago to organic farming changed the fortunes of Pipestone's Lobreau family would be an understatement. A really big understatement.

"We were very small -- more of a hobby farm at that point," Bryce Lobreau explained during a recent interview.

Today, Pristine Prairie Organics, the 5,000-acre farm Lobreau operates along with his parents, Danny and Robin, is one of the province's most successful organic farms thanks to a burgeoning consumer demand for healthier foods.

Clickherefor the story

There are lots of good reasons to go organic

Imagine farming in a world in which you could control your production costs, receive a premium for what you produce, and in which demand exceeds supply.

That might seem like the impossible dream, especially in a year such as this one, when it appears it doesn't matter what crop a farmer grows, there are few opportunities to do much better than break even -- despite assuming above-average yields.

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Organic, conventional farmers should exploit common ground

A recent story in The Western Producer that compared crop insurance data on conventional yields versus organic yields for many of Western Canada’s main crops has rekindled old rivalries.

At times it seems like the two sides in the conventional versus organic debate will never see eye to eye, even though the two camps don’t, as a rule, compete for the same markets. There is a philosophical divide that makes it hard for the two to relate.

Clickherefor the editorial in the Western Producer

Higher seeding rate needed for organic soybeans

It’s a simple question, one that Martin Entz hopes producers will seriously consider.

“Why not grow organic soybeans?” he asked producers gathered at the Ian N. Morrison research farm near Carman late last month for the Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers’ annual SMART Day.

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Recipes for better soil

You can’t control Mother Nature, but you can have some control over the health of your soil.

At a recent workshop, soil scientist Jill Clapperton outlined some visible indicators of soil health, and described a few things producers could do to improve their soil.

“If you have healthy plants, you have an excellent indicator that your soils are also very healthy. That’s the No. 1 thing you want to pay attention to,” said Clapperton, a rhizosphere ecologist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in Lethbridge for 16 years before moving to the States and starting a consulting company called Rhizoterra.

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Banking on quinoa from seed to sale

Standing beside a field of quinoa, Ryan Pengelly asks a neighbouring farmer if he thinks he's crazy. "You have to start somewhere,"àthe farmer said jokingly from the cab of his diesel pickup.

While not the first to grow quinoa in Manitoba, Pengelly took a big risk seeding the South American crop grown for its edible seeds.

Last year, he planted an acre of quinoa and was able to sell approximately 400 pounds of what he called "dark tan" seeds at farmers' markets throughout the province. The product retailed for $10 per pound.

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New report on the profit potential of certified organic field crop production

WHO Publishes Full Probable Human Carcinogen Report on Glyphosate



August 27 9:00 am-4:30 pm2015 Food Handler Certificate CourseClickherefor details.

September and October Business Information CoursesClickherefor the details

September 3 and 101:30-4:30 pm2015 Setting your Price, Urban GO, Unit 13, 59 Scurfield Drive, WinnipegThis two-part MAFRD workshop will help you to:
* calculate your cost of goods and breakeven point
* calculate the profit margin you need and the profit margin that retailers need
* understand the hidden costs of selling to grocery stores
* how to set wholesale prices

Video conferencing options are available outside of Winnipeg. No cost to attend, but pre-registration is required. ContactThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for more details

September 10 2015 6:30-9:30 pmFarmers' FeastTickets are now on salefor this annual fundraising event for St. Norbert's Farmers' Market.

September 16-18 2015 Generations of Opportunity The Grassfed Exchange Conference* Comfort Inn & Suites, Mt. Pleasant, MIConference speakers include Ben & Denise Bartlett, Doug Carmichael, Luke Linnenbringer, Jason Rountree, Mark Shatzker, Nicollette Niman, Daphne Miller, Blaine Hitzfield and more. Early bird registration until July 31. Clickherefor more information

September 17 8:30-4:40 pm2015 Non-Conformities & Root Cause AnalysisMFPA food safety workshop for food processors. Clickherefor details.

September 19-26 2015Organic

September 19-20 2015Canadian Health Food Association EastThis trade show is the place to be for food processors with a natural or organic food product to sell. Clickherefor details.

September 20 2015 Open Farm DayThe deadline to register as a host farm has been extended to July 10 2015. Clickherefor details.

September 25 2015Organic Food Processors showcase new Manitoba logo atVita Healthin WinnipegCheck out the Vita Health website to find out which store.

September 26 2015MOA Organic Week Showcase Dinner at Jane's Restaurant, WinnipegContactThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for tickets ($120 pp).

October 7-8 2015Packaging Conference: Packaging that Makes Products SellRichardson Centre for Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
University of Manitoba. Clickherefor the details.

February 18-19 2016Prairie Organics: Think Whole FarmThis two day conference at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg will feature a trade show, four keynote speakers, 18 break-out sessions profiling leading thinking in organic livestock, grain and vegetable production. There will also be pre-arranged business to business meetings with buyers in the Food Services and Grains sector. Registration will be open in October.