Organic Week at Glenlea, Friday September 23


Manitoba's organic sector has a lot to celebrate during Organic Week 2016 (September 17-25th). The organic market is vibrant with no signs of slowing, many mainstream farmers are taking up organic farming, and the scientific community is beginning to pay attention.

Dr. Martin Entz began looking at organic systems long before organic was cool. In fact, this year marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of organic research at the University of Manitoba's Glenlea Research Station.

With the expected early harvest, we hope that some of you will be able to help Manitoba's organic community celebrate the contributions that Dr. Entz and his talented team in the Natural Systems Agriculture group at the University of Manitoba have made to the growth of organic farming.

You're in for a treat: the Tall Grass Prairie Bread Co. will prepare organic food and new Manitoba craft brewery - Torque Brewing Co. will bring samples of their wares. A new video celebrating 25 years of research at Glenlea will be unveiled along with an engaging educational display designed by Katherine Stanley from the Natural Systems Agriculture research group. Dr. Entz will talk about his organic research journey and participants will be able to share their own stories around the campfire.

Come early and take a tour of the Glenlea organic field plots and stay for an evening of networking and celebration.

The farm tour begins at 4 pm September 23. The Glenlea Research Station is 10 minutes south of the Winnipeg south perimeter on highway 75 south of Saint Adolphe. Watch for the signs on the west side of the highway, directly across from the Farm and Food Discovery Centre. Evening festivities begin at 6 pm just up the road at the Farm & Food Discovery Centre.

Cost is $20 per person. Please reserve by calling or dropping by the Farm and Food Discovery Centre. Phone 204 883-2524.


Do you know an Organic Hero?


Organic Connections is looking for heroes. The deadline has been extended to August 31. Who has inspired you? Tell us about it... go to our website and click the Nominate buttons.

Who is an Organic Hero? They can be anyone in the organic sector (yes Manitobans can be heroes!):

▪ a farmer that has gotten involved in the industry
▪ a farmer who transitioned the family farm in the 70s and has been quietly farming for over 40 years
▪ a person who has never farmed but has worked diverse jobs throughout the sector for many years