Welcome to Manitoba Organic Alliance online

MOA is a membership driven, non-profit association which unites and represents organic farmers, processors, buyers, retailers and researchers in Manitoba.  Founded in March 2009, the Alliance supports organics through leadership, networking, and development.

Our VISION is to foster healthy, viable farms – the foundation of a vibrant organic sector – and to work for a  diversified organic production system in Manitoba, which provides for local food security, enhances export opportunities and contributes to sustainable economic development.

The MISSION of the Manitoba Organic Alliance is to promote the interests of and address issues of importance to the organic sector, and to help create growth opportunities, by promoting the benefits, integrity and development of the organic supply chain. We accomplish this mission by:

  • bringing stakeholders and members together to discuss issues of mutual interest;
  • fostering communication between participants in the organic sector including producers, certifiers, input suppliers, processors, marketers, retailers, packagers, and consumers;
  • fostering external communications with partner organizations within agriculture and the food sector; and
  • identifying and supporting initiatives, research and resources strategic to the growth of the organic industry.

MOA is funded by the generous donations of organic supporters.  Our major sponsors are recognized in our publications and at events.

We thank all MOA sponsors!

For additional background on the Manitoba Organic Alliance, download a PDF copy of our  "About Us" brochure.



Here is a summary of what we have been doing recently:

When MOA was formed in 2009, many of the organic producers and processors in Manitoba knew each other, but there was no organization where these producers had a collective voice. Since then we have lobbied for, promoted, and been involved in the following:

  • the appointment of Laura Telford as the MAFRD organic marketing specialist
  • the proclamation of the Organic Agricultural Products Act
  • Worked with the MAFRD organic specialist, and hired a consultant to develop a Strategic Action plan for Organics in Manitoba. The consultant was Resilient Solutions Consulting. Funding came from Grow Forward. Their full report in PDF is available here for viewing or download. A significantly smaller version of that same report is available here.
  • Developed a Memorandum or Understanding with the Organic Food Council of Manitoba and the Organic Producers of Manitoba. The MOU seeks to clarify who does what. An exercise in the preparation of that MOU was a meeting facilitated by MAFRD Rural Leadership Specialists, Lavonne Kroeker and Leanne Tibbatts. This document emerged out of that meeting, and the document guided the formation of the MOU.
  • Hired a development consultant to help us develop a Membership and Fund Development Program. The consultant was The Velnes Group, and they delivered their final report on March 26, 2015. The PDF Report is available here for viewing and downloading..
  • is participating in the development of the Prairie Organic Development Fund (PODF), which is to be a more sustainable funding mechanism for the organic industry in the prairies.

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