Where can I buy Manitoba grown organic food?

Much of the organic food in grocery stores is imported. Check the labels and ask for the country of origin.

You can buy Manitoba grown organic food from some grocers, from farmer's markets or directly from the farmer.

Gardening (Photo: Susan Black)

How do I know it’s organic?

All organic claims must be backed up with certification. Look for an organic logo or ask for proof of organic certification.

Can I buy from a local certified organic producer?

Yes, you can buy directly from an organic farmer. You can look at theMember Directory and Organic E-Marketplaceon our site, or you can take a look at a publication from the Manitoba government:The Manitoba Organic Directory.
Farmer's markets are also a good place to look for certified organic farmers.

Why is organic food more expensive?

Organics is growing but it still represents a small portion of the market. Small volumes mean higher costs per pound but that cost will diminish as organics becomes more widespread. Organic food can be very reasonable when you buy in bulk direct from your farmer.