You know you want organic food, you're just not sure where to find it. Whether you're shopping for yourself, for a household, or for a restaurant or business, we're here to help you find organic food from downtown Winnipeg to northern Manitoba.


You can search a directory, buy from a grocer, support a farmer, grow it yourself, or purhcase wholesale.If you're looking for a complete list of organics in Manitoba, you'll want to search our Down to Earth guide on the next page.


Our definition of organic in these resources includes both certified organic growers and suppliers, as well as those who have shown consistent efforts towards a local and sustainable food system, even if they're not certified.


If there's someone missing, or you're still having trouble finding what you need, let us know. Your feedback helps us promote the growth and accessibility of local organic food, and that's why we exist!




Search A Directory

Small Farms Manitoba  |


Winnipeg Local Food Caterers & Restaurants  |


Fair Trade Consumer Guide  |


Farmers' Markets Association of Manitoba  |


Buy From A Grocer

Fresh Option Organic Delivery   |


Eat It  |


Vita Health  |


Organic Planet  |


Tall Grass Prairie  |


Organza Natural & Organic Market  |


Good n' Natural, Steinbach


Humboldt's Legacy  |  204.772.1404 - Humboldts-Legacy




Support A Farmer

Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs)  |


Harvest Moon Local Food Initiative  |


Farmers’ Markets Association of Manitoba  |


FortWhyte Farms  |


See our Down to Earth guide for more Manitoba farms.




Grow It Yourself

Heritage Harvest Seeds  |


Sage Garden Herbs  |


Seeds of Diversity  |


Shelmerdine  |




Purchase Wholesale

Fresh Option Organic Delivery   |

Background Info about Farmers for Climate Solutions Feb 6 2020

Farmers for Climate Solutions is is calling for major changes that could transform their industry from a major polluter to a solution in the fight against climate change. It's possible, experts say, but it likely won't be easy. Check out this CBC newstory. How Canadian farmers can go from climate change polluters to a key part of the solution