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Although the resources listed on this page have been selected for their relevance to new farmers, others will also find them relevant.


Incubator Farms 

Farms specifically set up to foster the development of new farmers might be called incubator farms.


In Manitoba, the Harvest Moon Society Sustainable Agriculture Incubation Program is one such program. Currently nothing in this regard is being offerred, but Harvest Moon has done so in the past and is likely to do so again. 


FarmStart (Ontario)

Intervale Farms Program (Vermont)



Business/Financial Planning & Management

 Building a Sustainable Business

FarmerTraining Farmers (Ontario)

Holistic Management

Community Futures

Canada Manitoba Business Service Centre

Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba

SEED Winnipeg

“Preparing a Business Plan: A guide for agricultural producers”
(PDF, 381 KB)

Canadian Farm Business Management Council - “So you want to be a Farmer"
(PDF, 244 KB)

Canadian Youth Business Foundation

MAFRI Business Development and Management



Catalogue of Approved courses for Business Management Training




Marketing Manitoba Products (PDF, 262 KB)

Recent Canadian Wholesale Prices for Organic Fruit and Vegetables

Centre for Integrated Agricultural Systems

Food Safety and Marketing resource from South Dakota State University

Meat and Poultry at the Market


Food Development Centre




AAFC – Complete list of federal government agriculture funding programs

Agri-Advisor - covers 75% of approved business skills and consultations, up to $10,000


Agri - Excellence Program - up to $10,000 reimbursement for education and training expenses


Agri-Food Research and Development - Grant to cover 50% of costs of research project

Agri-Innovation Suite
- helps producers develop innovative agri-food products from concept to market

Agricultural Sustainability Initiative (ASI)
- funding for producer groups and provincial commodity organizations to conduct demonstrations or technology transfer projects on environmentally sustainable agriculture practices

Farm Credit Canada
- financing for farmers

Manitoba Agricultural Credit Corporation (MACC)
- provides credit facilities for farmers, help producers to obtain credit, and assist the development of farms in Manitoba.

Manitoba Organic Transition Program - phase 1 of Growing Forward funding, no longer accepting new applications, but hopefully to be reintroduced in phase 2 of Growing Forward


Manitoba Rural Adaptation Council - helps farmers exercise leadership in advancing the agricultural sector

Skill Development for Young Entrepreneurs Program - Reimbursement of 50% of business-related training courses and expenses

Value Chain Manitoba - financial support for projects that can lead to value chain formation

Young Entrepreneur Program
- youth (18-29 years old) are eligible for up to $4000 to defray business start-up cost and capital expenses

Young Farmers: Management Training Credit
- complete a personal assessment training tool and you can be eligible to take certain training courses




Agriculture in Manitoba & Canada

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC)


Canadian Food Inspection Agency


Canada-Manitoba Crop Diversification Centre


Keystone Agricultural Producers

Manitoba Agriculture Food and Rural Initiatives (MAFRI)


MAFRI Young Farmers Initiative


Manitoba Organic Alliance


Manitoba Horticultural Association


Manitoba Zero Tillage Research Association


National Farmers Union


Prairie Fruit Growers Association (MB)

 Young Farmers



Books & Publications

You can Farm and other books by Joel Salatin

Down to Earth Guide to Organics in Manitoba

Manitoba Co-operator

Small Farm Canada magazine



Manitoba Heat Efficient Greenhouses

Blue Lagoon Organics

FortWhyte Farms

Room to Grow



Background Info about Farmers for Climate Solutions Feb 6 2020

Farmers for Climate Solutions is is calling for major changes that could transform their industry from a major polluter to a solution in the fight against climate change. It's possible, experts say, but it likely won't be easy. Check out this CBC newstory. How Canadian farmers can go from climate change polluters to a key part of the solution