COG´s free online reference series:  Organic seed sources, alternative medicines for dairy cattle, crop transition from conventional to ecological production, and more

COG’s Practical Skills Handbooks: Titles include Crop Planning for Organic Vegetable Growers, Growing Potatoes Organically, Living with Worms in Organic Sheep Production, Record-Keeping for Organic Farmers: how to get and stay certified, Scaling Up Organically (Feb 2011), Growing Strawberries Organically (Nov 2010).

Gaining Ground: Reference book for farmers, whether conventional, transitional or organic, who are interested in organic farming.  Gaining Ground covers a wide range of topics from soil-building and planting to certification and marketing.

Organic Field Crop Guide (2nd edition): Practical reference guide for both organic field crop farmers and conventional farmers who are considering making the transition to organic farming.

Organic Livestock Handbook: A reference guide providing the principles of organic livestock husbandry and management tools.

Organic Farming on the Prairies - Saskatchewan Organic Directorate

Introduction to Certified Organic Farming - Canadian Farm Business Management Council

Background Info about Farmers for Climate Solutions Feb 6 2020

Farmers for Climate Solutions is is calling for major changes that could transform their industry from a major polluter to a solution in the fight against climate change. It's possible, experts say, but it likely won't be easy. Check out this CBC newstory. How Canadian farmers can go from climate change polluters to a key part of the solution