Manitoba Organic Alliance (MOA)


Organic Food Council of Manitoba (OFCM-COG)


Organic Producer Association of Manitoba (OPAM)


This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) provides a framework for MOA, OFCM-COG, and OPAM to collectively advance the capacity of Manitoba’s organic sector with clearly defined roles and responsibilities, effective communication and collaboration.


MOA, OFCM-COG, & OPAM declare their intentions by agreeing to undertake the following activities and services, but not limited to:

MOA will bring organic sector participants together to identify needs and solutions and to then work together to promote interests, address issues, and help to create growth of organics in Manitoba. The MOA does this by fostering the exchange of information, speaking for the organic sector to government, and working with government to support the initiatives, research and resources strategic to the growth of the industry. MOA participates in the Organic Trade Association, and the Organic Technical committee.

OFCM-COG will promote organic, local food production and consumption to those interested across Manitoba through education and community building. The OFCM does this by gathering & sharing information and resources available to farmers and to consumers through conferences, workshops, materials, schools, inquiries and by partnering with organizations and businesses to deliver events and programs. OFCM contributes knowledge to MOA, OPAM, and participates in the CGSB Organic Technical committee.

OPAM will provide professional organic certification services to Canadian clients wishing to market organic products in Canada, USA & Europe. OPAM does this by scheduling inspections, maintaining records of certification and by providing networking opportunities for certified producers and processors. OPAM collaborates with MOA, with other certifying bodies and shares knowledge about certification and regulations.

MOA, OFCM and OPAM will work with MAFRD in various capacities, as needed, understanding that MAFRD accelerates greater prosperity & capacity of organic producers, industry, processors, entrepreneurs, communities and organizations by providing leadership, information, programs & services. MAFRD creates growth in the organic sector, working with Producers, Processors, Handlers, Buyers, Exporters, Distributors, Retailers, consumers and certifiers. MAFRD partners with MOA to share information, identify solutions, advocate for programs and policies and develop communications. MAFRD partners with OFCM on public education. MAFRD works with CFIA to maintain organic integrity, as resource for the interpretation of the Canadian Organic Standards, to follow up on complaints, and share knowledge on organic regulations. MAFRD collects and synthesizes organic statistics, works with the Prairie Organic Development Fund, the National Organic Value Chain Roundtable, and the national Science Cluster.

Meeting & Reporting:

To accomplish the purpose and objectives set forth in the MOU, partners will meet as needed to ensure effective collaboration.

Funding or Financial Considerations/Responsibilities:

Nothing in this MOU shall be deemed a commitment or obligation of funds from MOA, OFCM, or OPAM.


This MOU is at-will and may be modified with mutual consent of authorized officials with the listed partners. Once signed by authorized officials from each organization, this MOU shall become effective and remain in effect until modified or terminated in writing by any one partner.


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