Below are the highest organic grain prices (spot market prices unless otherwise indicated) gathered recently by MAFRD. Sources include farmers and buyers who have shared recent sales prices and the USDA National Organic Grain & Feedstuffs Report. Prices do not include transportation unless otherwise indicated. Conventional prices come from Farm Lead in SK and Rayglen Commodities. USDA prices are in US dollars, the rest of the prices are Canadian.

For vegetable prices, check out COG's Organic Price Tracker (eastern Canadian data only).Cyber-Help for Organic Farmers lists wholesale prices for organic fruit (fresh and frozen) and vegetables (Vancouver).

Although buyers are purchasing specialty organic grains on the spot market, there is currently little movement of staples such as wheat on the spot market. Last year, many of the key commodity buyers insulated themselves from price fluctuations through higher levels of forward contracting. This situation is likely to persist and growers should consider contracting at least some of their 2015 crop as part of a business risk mitigation strategy. If you decide to contract, look for features such as "Act of God" to protect yourself against extreme weather before or during harvest. There are many more contracting options for organic grains than there was even a year ago.

Soybeans - food$30-32/bu (2015 contract); conv. $9.53/bu
Soybeans - feed$24.22/bu (2015 contract)
Black Turtle Beans$60/bu (2015 contract)
Oats - milling$6/bu (spot market and contract); conv. $2.70/bu
Oats - feed$4.00-$4.50/bu
Barley - hulless$0.40/lb. fob farm
Barley - feed$7.50-8/bu fob farm
Corn - feed$12.46 (USDA) ; conv. $3.65/bu
Corn - blue$18/bu
Lentils - large green$0.70/lb. fob farm
Lentils - black$0.90/lb. fob farm
Lentils - red$0.70/lb. fob farm
Mustard - brown$0.80/lb. fob farm (contract)
Wheat - milling (HRS)$18.86/bu (USDA); conv. $5.87/bu
Wheat - feed$10-$11/bu fob farm
Buckwheat$0.38/lb. fob farm
Rye - food grade$10/bu
Flax - brown$36/bu; conv. $13.75/bu
Flax - golden$50/bu
Peas - yellow$15/bu (contract)
Alfalfa hay$0.10/lb for 16% protein

Organic Premium this Month (based on highest organic and conventional prices)

Oats - milling207%
Corn - feed341%
Flax - brown262%
Wheat - milling321%
Soybean - food336%

Background Info about Farmers for Climate Solutions Feb 6 2020

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