Diverse organizations play a role in regulating, promoting, certifying or representing organics.


Regulating organics



The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is the federal government agency overseeing all food regulations in Canada.


Canada Organic Regime:

This regime is a partnership between the CFIA and the organic industry which oversees organics in Canada. The Regime defines organic and helps protect consumers from misleading labeling.


Canadian General Standards Board

Orgainic production systems -- General principles and management standards


Organic production systems -- Permitted substances lists


Promoting Organics


COG: the Canadian Organic Growers



The Organic Food Council of Manitoba is a registered charitable association which promotes local, organic food through education and community building in Manitoba. It provides information about how to find organic food and connects growers with information about organics. OFCM is a chapter of COG with a diverse membership which includes producers, consumers, distributors, retailers, gardeners, artists, and entrepreneurs.

Pivot and Grow

Pivot and Grow is a program of the Prairie Organic Grains Initiative which is a program dedicated to achieving resiliency and stability in the prairie organic sector by focusing on increasing the quantity and quality of organic grains, and developing relationships across organic market value chains.


Representing Organics



The Organic Trade Association is a membership-based business association that focuses on the organic business community in North America.



The Manitoba Organic Alliance is a membership driven, non-profit association which represents organic farmers, processors, buyers, retailers and researchers in Manitoba. MOA strengthens the organic community through leadership, networking, education, communication and advocacy.


Certifying organics


There are many organizations offering certification services to organic businesses in Manitoba including:



The Organic Producers Association, based in Manitoba



Organic Crop Improvement Association International, based in Nebraska



based in Saskatchewan and Ontario


based in Quebec



COG´s free online reference series:  Organic seed sources, alternative medicines for dairy cattle, crop transition from conventional to ecological production, and more

COG’s Practical Skills Handbooks: Titles include Crop Planning for Organic Vegetable Growers, Growing Potatoes Organically, Living with Worms in Organic Sheep Production, Record-Keeping for Organic Farmers: how to get and stay certified, Scaling Up Organically (Feb 2011), Growing Strawberries Organically (Nov 2010).

Gaining Ground: Reference book for farmers, whether conventional, transitional or organic, who are interested in organic farming.  Gaining Ground covers a wide range of topics from soil-building and planting to certification and marketing.

Organic Field Crop Guide (2nd edition): Practical reference guide for both organic field crop farmers and conventional farmers who are considering making the transition to organic farming.

Organic Livestock Handbook: A reference guide providing the principles of organic livestock husbandry and management tools.

Introduction to Certified Organic Farming - Canadian Farm Business Management Council




Manitoba Agriculture Food and Rural Initiatives (MAFRI) Organiculture Page

Manitoba Agriculture Food and Rural Initiatives (MAFRI) Organic Production Basics


Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) Organic Sector Information

Canadian Food Inspection Agency Organic Products page

Global Agriculture Information Network (GAIN) Canada Organic Food Industry Report





Canadian Organic Growers

Manitoba Organic Alliance

Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada

Organic Biologique.ca


Organic Trade Association 


Organic Federation of Canada


Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada

The Organic Trade Association

Organic Consumers Association

The Organic Centre





Needs Assessment of Canadian Organic Producers


The Research Institute of Organic Agriculture


Nutritional Benefits of Organic Foods from the Organic Trade Association




Resources on Organic Farming on the Prairies  - Prepared by the Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada, includes a listing of organic contacts, books, website links, and researchers.

Extension Organic – Organic agriculture section of an online space where university content providers can gather and produce new educational and information resources on wide-ranging topics. (USA)

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